The intention of our Preferred Breeder Program is to provide a very useful tool for seekers of purebred Boykin spaniel puppies from responsible breeders. We do acknowledge that there are likely to be a good number of members who are equally selective and diligent in their breeding practices, and in some cases there may be some who exceed the requirements, but choose to not participate.

Is a Preferred Breeder Program member the same as a Society-recommended Boykin spaniel breeder?
No, the Preferred Breeder Program member list is only meant to be a screening tool for seekers of healthy Boykin spaniel puppies. Hopefully, what you'll discover is that when you deal with a Preferred Breeder Program member you'll feel like you're "adopting" rather than "buying." There's not a check-off box in the application that states they will include a piece of their own heart with every puppy they place - but we sure think that should be understood, don't you? By all means, ask!

What is a Boykin Spaniel Society® Preferred Breeder Program member?
A Society member who's 100% committed to a selective breeding requirement of "All animals selected for breeding shall be in good health". His or her dog (dogs) will never be mated unless both dogs have been screened for inheritable disease transfer to their puppies.

How does a Boykin spaniel owner become a Preferred Breeder Program member?
They start by having 100% of their breeding dogs veterinary-examined for the Boykin Spaniel Foundation ( identified inherited chronic diseases. All are debilitating, some can be fatal; no puppy deserves to be born with any of them. Next, they submit an application which is scrutinized by the Board of Directors. Only the 15-member Board determines who will be a Preferred Breeder.

Where can I find more details on what it takes to be a Preferred Breeder Program member?
We've prepared a downloadable booklet. In that booklet you'll see that the program has two levels, Silver and Gold. We anticipate adding at least one level, and possibly two, in future years.

Who are the currently-approved Preferred Breeders Program member?
You'll find an updated list at --> Preferred Breeder List The Boykin Spaniel Society website list will always be the most current, due to the Board's meeting schedule.