Boykin Spaniel Society (BSS) advisory regarding purchase of Limited Privilege (LP) Registration dogs.

The BSS implemented Limited Privilege (LP) registration effective April 2006 after deciding to no longer register Boykins to co-owners. The following legend appears on all single dog registration paperwork as follows:

Limited Privilege Registration (LP): This status designation may be imposed by a breeder or person on a dog or pup to restrict or control the registration of its future offspring. If a dog or pup bears an LP-registration classification, then the offspring (if any) of such LP-registered dog or pup produced after such classification is imposed may NOT be registered with the Society UNLESS the person or breeder who originally imposed the LP-registration agrees to lift it. Dogs or pups that would not otherwise be eligible for registration with the Society (e.g. too much white) will NOT be eligible for LP-registration. LP-registered dogs will be allowed to compete in ALL Boykin Spaniel Society sponsored events such as field trials and hunt tests and Boykin Spaniel Foundation health clinics and reimbursement program.

The original intent of the LP designation was to allow breeders to set criteria for future breeding of their pups such as hip/heart/eye/patellar/DNA health clearances or field performance objectives. Once this criterion was met, the LP restriction would be lifted. The LP designation seems, for the most part, to be working as intended. However, the BSS is aware of disputes between individuals as a result of LP designation. The BSS cautions anyone assigning or acquiring a LP dog to make sure there is a clear understanding between the person assigning the LP designation and the person acquiring the LP designated dog of the conditions that need to be met in order to have the LP designation removed. The BSS recommends that the conditions for lifting an LP be in writing and be agreed to and signed by both parties before the dog is registered with a LP restriction.

The BSS has no authority to remove the LP designation from a dog without the signed completed LP removal application from the person who originally placed the LP on the individual dog. Any disputes between parties concerning an LP dog are civil matters between the individual parties involved and in no way involve the Boykin Spaniel Society.