Section H

Guidelines for Application of Litter Registration

Litters are to be described no sooner than 28 days, but no later than 42 days, and in case of stillborn pups, at birth. Litters not described within this time frame will not be registered. The color of the Boykin Spaniel is solid rich liver or dark chocolate. A small white spot on the chest is acceptable. No dog born with colors other than those listed above may be registered. However, all puppies born in a litter must be described even if they are stillborn or not eligible of registration. The Boykin Spaniel Society® has a measurable formula that sets limits relative to the permissible amount of white on the pup’s chest.

Boykin puppy grooming habits

1. The Width of a white marking in the chest may not be more than 30 percent of the width of the chest measured from the medial aspect or inside of the forelegs (armpit to armpit). The length of the white marking on the chest may not be more that 60 percent of the width of the chest. The limitations apply regardless of whether the white markings are oriented horizontally or vertically.

2. White markings on the throat, stomach, foot, toe or any other part of the dog’s body, other than the chest at the time of description will disqualify that individual puppy from registration.

TEETH - Teeth should be straight and meet in a close scissors bite (the lower teeth touching behind the upper incisors). An even bite (incisors meet each other to edge to edge) is acceptable but not preferred. Faults: Over or undershot jaws.

EYES - The eyes are yellow to brown to harmonize with the coat, set well apart, expression alert, intelligent and trusting. Darker shades of yellow preferred over lighter shades. Faults: A prominent or pop eye.

Litter registration fees; $60.00. After eight (8) weeks of age the fee is $90.00 and after six (6) months is $190.00.

There will be no litters registered to non members of the Boykin Spaniel Society®. No litter will be registered after the puppies are one (1) year old.

Section I.

Litters may be randomly inspected at any time by a member(s) of the Registry Committee or its representative or designee. The refusal by any breeder to allow inspection of a litter by any member, representative or designee of the Registry Committee will result in said litter being denied registration. The refusal to allow inspection of a litter after being notified by the Boykin Spaniel Society of the intent to inspect a litter could result in termination of membership in the Boykin Spaniel Society and all rights and privileges associated with such membership.