Teaching/Training Resources

In response to periodic inquiries from Boykin Spaniel Society members, we've compiled some suggested reading and viewing materials which address dog behavior and dog training. Our Boykins are thought of as being extremely unique, and in many respects they are, but generally they are like most of the other dogs developed for the purpose of being cooperative hunting dogs. Conditioning your dog to be a polite member of the household does take a lot of understanding that dogs aren't like human children: we have to learn how to communicate with them in their natural ways. Luckily, a well-bred healthy puppy is ready and eager to learn what is expected from the pack leader.

The materials we suggest here are not meant to be an endorsement of any author, and we certainly do not mean to imply that these are the only materials to explore. We just think these are some of the better resources that can become a part of your library. They are presented in three groupings: