Boykin Spaniel Society Dog Registration

Why Boykin Spaniel Society Registration is so important

Nearly 60% of Boykins sold by breeders are kept as family pets and hunting companions and are not intended to be bred or run in sponsored hunt tests.   So why register these dogs with the Boykin Spaniel Society?  The answer to that is that, quite simply, your dog is a part of a very special legacy in the dog world, and each pup in each litter of each generation deserves to mark its place in that lineage.

The Boykin breed is a uniquely American breed.  It was created by a South Carolina family to meet a specific need, to hunt SC creeks and marshes. The Boykin family created the Registry to record and preserve the breed which is their family’s legacy, the Boykin spaniel.  Boykin family members are still involved with the Boykin Spaniel Society serving on the board of directors and on board committees.  We want to give you some reasons why you should register your dog with the Society regardless of what your plans are for your little brown dog.

1.       Your Boykin spaniel should be recorded in Boykin spaniel history.  The Boykin Spaniel Registry records every registration from every dog that has been produced from the original 677 Foundation Stock dogs.  Your pups litter has been recorded but each pup’s information in that litter is blank when you do not register your pup. 

2.       Your dog deserved to be acknowledged that he or she is here, they exist.  Even stillborn and dead puppies are recorded in the Boykin Spaniel Society registry because they deserve to be acknowledged that they were in fact here, even if it their time was brief.  Your pup deserves that too.

3.       When there is a lost or found dog, most of the time the Society gets a call or email.  If you did not register your dog, then we do not know where you or your dog lives.  Recently we had a male dog found in GA and only two people registered their dog with the BSS in that city in GA.  Both of these people had female dogs so there was no match there.  We still don’t know who this dog belongs to. If the dog had been registered, the office could have pulled up the city and state and searched for registrations, perhaps locating the owner. The BSS records  microchip numbers for registered Boykins in the Registry to help identify lost and/or found Boykins.  Better chance of finding the owner by registering your dog than with no BSS registration.

4.       Registration allows the Society to know where in the United States our beloved Boykins have settled.   If you do not register your dog, then we do not know where your dog lives. It is important that the Society records the progression of the breed and where the breed is migrating across the country

5.       Registration also helps your breeder and also helps you.  The Society gets calls regularly asking if we can tell the person if their breeder is still breeding Boykins. They never registered their dog with the Society and they don’t really remember the breeder’s name but they believe they lived in a certain city and state.  Without registration, there is no way for the office to help you.   Your breeder can also follow up with you if you register your dog with the Society if there is a health concern in your litter.  Your breeder wants their dog’s history recorded as well.   

6.       Last but not least, when you register your dog with the Society, it helps to complete the generational “family tree” of the Boykin Spaniel Registry. Without your dog’s information, there are holes and blanks in the family tree of the Boykin spaniel.  Help us complete the Registry by adding your dog’s information through BSS registration.  Your dog deserves to be acknowledged and recorded in our breed’s history.

The BSS blue dog registration paper does not expire. There is no time limit for registration of an individual dog when you have that BSS blue dog registration paper.  Please, complete it and mail it in and record your dog in Boykin spaniel history.  They deserve to be remembered.