How to apply for reimbursement for health tests

Submit ALL Inherited Disease test results to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) 


*****click for a instructional video on how to file for BSF Health testing reimbursement:  BSF Reimbursement

For those who have tested their BSS registered dogs for the inherited disease checklist, you must send the results to OFA in order for OFA to record them. OFA will then send (either email or snail mail) you a certificate and you will then US mail a copy (please do not email) of the OFA certificate(s) to the BSF for reimbursement. We cannot accept your lab results for DNA tests for reimbursement. ALL BSF reimbursements are with OFA certification only.

The reason the Boykin Spaniel Foundation requires OFA certification fro reimbursement is because OFA sends the BSS a quarterly download of health results for all Boykins tested in that quarter. This information then gets imported into the registry and recorded under each dog's registration number (BSR 012345). This is the reason it is so important for all owners to use your dog's BSR# on the OFA application. In order for us (BSS/BSF) to get the health information for testing that the BSF reimburses for (CEA, DM, EIC, Hips, Patellar) the information must go through OFA to be recorded so that it can then be passed on to the BSS through this quarterly import.  The BSS staff cannot manually enter any health data into the registry, it all has to be imported from OFA. The BSS can generate health reports from this information for use by the BSF and BSS boards to track how many dogs are being tested for the inherited diseases.

Below is the link to the DNA application. This seems to confuse everyone the most when applying for health reimbursement.


BSS members and dog owners are reminded that the test results must be submitted to the OFA to be eligible for reimbursement. One set of tests (hip, patellar, CEA, DM & EIC)  per BSS registered dog to a current BSS member per calendar year tested. 


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The BSF remains dedicated to advancing knowledge, prevention and treatment of inherited diseases in our beloved Boykin spaniels.



Expected results for breeding strategies 
Parent 1 
Parent 2 Status
Normal/Clear Carrier Affected
Normal/Clear All = Normal/Clear 1/2 = Normal/Clear 
1/2 = Carrier
All = Carrier
Carrier 1/2 = Normal/Clear
1/2 = Carrier
1/4 = Normal/Clear 
1/2 = Carrier 
1/4 = Affected
1/2 = Carrier
1/2 = Affected
Affected All = Carrier 1/2 = Carrier
1/2 = Affected
All = Affected