Eye & Heart Cerf Clinics FAQs

What are the BSF Health Clinics?
The Boykin Spaniel Foundation funds free Eye and Heart Cerf clinics at various Boykin Spaniel events across the United States each calendar year including the Boykin Spaniel Society®(BSS) National Field Trial.

Eyes: Juvenile Genetic cataracts: These cataracts may progress to blindness or remain small and not interfere with vision. Dogs may be checked as early as 6 weeks of age. Exam is done by a licensed ophthalmologist.

Heart: Pulmonic stenosis is a congenital (present at birth) defect characterized by the narrowing and obstruction of blood through the heart's pulmonary valve. OFA Heart certification is done after the age of 1 year old by a regular vet or cardiologist.

Where are the clinics held?
The clinics are traditionally held at the Boykin Spaniel Society National Field Trial and also at various Boykin Spaniel events across the United States each calendar year.

Who is eligible for the clinics?
Current BSS® members are allowed one BSS® registered dog per calendar year at no charge. This is for first-time testing only.

How much does it cost?
With a current BSS® membership there is no charge for first-time testing of a BSS® registered dog. Only one registered dog per calendar is eligible. Dogs that are being re-certified or otherwise ineligible for free testing may be tested at the clinics for a nominal fee.

I have more than one dog. Can I have both tested at the same clinic?
Yes, however only one first-time dog may qualify for testing at no charge. You may have your additional dog(s) tested for the fee established by the particular clinic you are attending.

Do I need to pre-register?
Yes. Appointments must be secured prior to arrival. Call the BSS office 803-425-1032 to schedule your appointment. 

What do I need to bring with me to the clinics besides my dog?
Please bring a copy of your dog's BSS® registration as this will have all the information necessary for filling out the doctors' forms. In addition, if your dog is has a microchip, please have the microchip number with you. If you will be paying for testing, please bring cash or check for payment.

How long do the tests take?
The Eye Cerf test requires 15+ minutes for the eyes to dilate once the drops are put in. The actual testing takes very little time. The time it takes to get in and out of the entire process is dependent on the number of dogs being tested.

Will the vet give me the test results?
The vet will tell you the results, however the paperwork will be retained for submission to OFA.

How can I get a copy of my results?
Your test results will be submitted to OFA for registration in their database. OFA will then send you a certification of the test results after they have concluded their registration process. Both the free and paid testing provided by the BSF includes registration with OFA which is normally a fee of $15 per test.

Why does OFA need my dog's test results?
The Boykin Spaniel Foundation is committed to reducing inherited diseases in the Boykin Spaniel by funding genetic research, screening programs and specialty health clinics that will identify detrimental traits in the Boykin Spaniel breed. We seek to enhance the overall health of the Boykin Spaniel and its perpetuation as a strong and sustainable breed through continuing education, the sharing publicly of important genetic research findings, awareness of the issues and unwavering commitment. By having the screening results in one central database, the BSF can continue with this mission with accuracy.