Application for Membership

Complete the application and mail with the appropriate membership fee to the address below:

P. 0. Box 2047
CAMDEN, SC 29020
Click here for the printable membership application

Regular Annual Membership $ 35.00

Silver Level Annual Sponsor Membership (includes silver pin with head of Boykin Spaniel) $75.00
Sponsor member fee includes $35 in charitable donations to Boykin Spaniel Foundation, Boykin Spaniel Rescue, and Friends of the Camden Archives and Museum for the continuation of their Boykin Spaniel exhibit.

Gold Level LIFE Membership (includes an antique silver pin with gold head of Boykin Spaniel) $750.00

Benefits of Society membership include:

(1) Receive full color quarterly Magazines and any other publications by the Boykin Spaniel Society®.
(2) Participate in Society sanctioned events with your Boykin Spaniel Society® registered dog
(3) Apply for certain health examination rebates through the Boykin Spaniel Foundation
(4) Opportunity to serve as a Director and/or on committees as provided for in Bylaws.
(5) Participate in the election of members of the Board of Directors.
(6) Vote on other matters designated by the Board of Directors.
(7) Attend membership meetings and submit proposals for consideration by the Board of Directors either in writing or by requesting to appear before the Board of Directors.
(8) Support of the organization started by the Boykin family in order to preserve and protect the dogs we love so much.

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