Upcoming Events

  • BSS Cover Puppy Contest
    August 15, 2019
    Location: BSS October Magazine

    October is our annual Boykin Spaniel Society Cover Puppy Photo Contest issue. It is time to fill the magazine from front to back with puppy photos and I will need YOUR help to do it. Here’s how….

    Click the link below to understand the photo size and quality the printer needs to print your photo in the magazine. 



    • Photos must be at least 300 dpi (high resolution)

    • The owner of the pup must be a current BSS member in good standing

    • The pup must be BSS registered

    • The BSS registration number (BSR#) must accompany the photo along with the owner’s name.

    • The pup must be 12 months or less WHEN the photo was taken

    • The pup must be the primary subject of the photo

    • There is a 2 photo limit per pup

    • Photos must be received at  the BSS office via email at  boykinss@boykinspaniels.org by 4 pm EDT August 15, 2019

    • There will be a 1st place Cover Puppy winner and 2nd -4th place awarded. Ribbons will be mailed to the four contest placements.