Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long will it take to get my registration/litter application/transfer/pedigree processed and returned to me?

A:  The BSS office requires two weeks to process all litter applications, dog registrations, transfers, pedigrees and any other paperwork requests. 

Q: I have lost my dog's blue BSS dog registration paper. How do I get a replacement?

A: You will need to contact your breeder and have your breeder call the BSS office and request a duplicate copy of your dog's registration paper. There is a $25 fee to duplicate the paperwork. The blue dog registration paper will then be sent to breeder to sign and then the breeder will forward the signed blue dog registration paper to his/her puppy buyer. The buyer will then complete the blue dog registration paper marked DUPLICATE and send it in to the BSS office to register their dog. If the puppy buyer finds the lost paper, he/she will still need to send in the DUPLICATE marked paper since the original will be marked in our registry as lost and duplicated.  

Q: I have lost my dog's registraion paper. How do I get another copy?

A: Send a check to the BSS office for $10 for a duplicate certificate of registration. Enclose a note requesting the duplicate copy with the dogs name. We will mail you a duplicate copy. 

Q: How much does it cost to register my new puppy/dog with the Boykin Spaniel Society?

A:  You must be a current BSS member to register a dog.  A one year BSS membership with magazine subscription is $35.  To register a dog is $20. So the total fee will be $55.  If you are a current BSS member then dog registraion is $20. 

Q: How do I order a pedigree on my dog?

A: Send a check to the BSS office PO Box 2047 Camden, SC  29020 for either $20 for a 3 generation pedigree or $25 for a 5 generation pedigree with a note stating you would like a pedigree on YOUR dog and give us the dog’s name and BSS registration number. 

Q: Does my blue BSS  dog registration paper expire? Do I have a time limit to register my dog with the BSS?

A: The blue dog registration paper does not expire and there is NO time limit to register your dog with the Boykin Spaniel Society.

Q: I have a Limited Privilege (LP) at the end of my dog’s registration number. What does that mean?

A: Your breeder has restricted the breeding of your dog. You cannot register a litter of puppies off of a dog with a LP designation. Your breeder is the only person who can release the LP. Contact your breeder to see what he/she requires to lift the LP designation from your dog. This should have been discussed at the time of purchase.

Q: How do I release the LP on a dog?

A: Breeders request a LP removal application from the BSS office 803-425-1032. The office will send the LP removal application to the breeder to complete and sign. The dog's original certificate of registration must be submitted  along with the LP removal application and a $25 fee to remove the LP.  Once all of the above is recieved at the BSS, the office will then send a new certificate of registration to the dog owner with the LP removed from dog’s BSS registration. 

Q: Can I get a list of reputable breeders?

A: The BSS office cannot release any information on any member of the BSS. The Society does not recommend breeders. The staff can tell you if the breeder is a member in good standing and had any complaints filed against them.

Q: Are the inherited disease health clearances REQUIRED on the sire and dam in order to register a litter of puppies?

A: No. The Society recommends that all breeding dogs be tested for the inherited diseases (hips, eyes, heart, knees, CEA, EIC, DM) but it is not required. The sire must be BSS registered and the dam must be BSS registered in order to register a litter of puppies. The owner of the litter must be a current BSS member.  The breeder is REQUIRED to put in writing to the new puppy owner that the sire and /or dam of the litter has or has not had the recommended inherited disease clearances performed.  If that is not presented at the time of puppy purchase, the breeder is in violation  of the Boykin Spaniel Society’s code of ethics.

Q:  What is the breeding strategy for DNA results of carriers, affected and clear for DM, CEA and EIC?

A: see chart

Expected results for breeding strategies  
Parent 1 
Parent 2 Status
Normal/Clear Carrier Affected
Normal/Clear All = Normal/Clear 1/2 = Normal/Clear 
1/2 = Carrier
All = Carrier
Carrier 1/2 = Normal/Clear
1/2 = Carrier
1/4 = Normal/Clear 
1/2 = Carrier 
1/4 = Affected
1/2 = Carrier
1/2 = Affected
Affected All = Carrier 1/2 = Carrier
1/2 = Affected
All = Affected


Q: How do I transfer ownership of my dog?

A: Current owner will sign the back of the beige BSS certificate of registration transferring ownership to the new owner.  The new owner will send the certificate to the BSS office with $10 to transfer (must be a current BSS member to transfer a dog so add $35 if you are not a current BSS member) and we will transfer the dog into the new owners name and send a new certificate of registration.

Q: How do I get reimbursed for inherited disease health testing from the Boykin Spaniel Foundation?

A:  You will need to complete the application on the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals www.offa.org)  website for  testing done and send all health test results to the OFA.  OFA will send you a certificate for each test performed (hips, patellar(knees), CEA dna, EIC dna, DM dna). Make a copy of the OFA certificate and US mail a hard copy  to:  BSF PO Box 2047 Camden, SC 29020. You must be a current BSS member to receive reimbursement. (One BSS registered dog, per current BSS member,  per set of tests performed, in the current year.) DNA tests results from the lab cannot be accepted for reimbursement. Only with OFA certification will you receive reimbursement.

Q:  Can I fax or scan/email my registration/application to the BSS office?

A: No. We can only accept original documents. 

Q: Can I mail a photocopy of my dog's blue dog registration in to the BSS?

A: No. The BSS requires the original copy of the blue dog registration.