Upcoming Events

  • Boykin Spaniel Foundation Eye & Heart Certification Clinic
    October 07 - 07, 2017
    Location: Rosa Lee's Cottage, Boykin SC

    WE ARE PLEASED TO announce that The Boykin Spaniel Foundation will host a Fall Heart & Eye certification Health Clinic on Saturday October 7, 2017. The Clinic will be held at Rosa’s Cottage in Boykin, South Carolina between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.

    In order to minimize wait times and maximize the vets’ time, the Clinic will be by appointment only. Walk-ins will not be able to participate.

    To secure your appointment, call the BSS office at 803-425-1032 and have your dog’s BSS registration number handy when you call. Please bring a copy of your BSS registration with you to the Clinic so that you can complete the required paperwork.

    The Foundation will pay for ONE heart and ONE eye certification clinic for ONE BSS registered dog per current BSS membership. In order to help the Boykin Spaniel Foundation gather and compile the health data, the Foundation will also pay all OFA recording fees.

    All health testing certifications will be filed with the OFA regardless of the result. By recording the Clinic’s findings with the OFA, the Foundation will receive the health data from the Clinics. That data will then merge with your dog’s records in the Registry and broaden the statistical data available to us relative to the entire Boykin spaniel breed. We do not publish the names or individual dog results, only the totals that we receive from the OFA on a quarterly basis. If you do not want your certification results reported to the OFA, then you will be responsible for paying the vet fees at the time of your visit and the cost to you will be $75 for the eye test and $75 for the heart test. We looking forward to a strong response from the membership and the Foundation urges you to take advantage of this opportunity.